Strategic planning & execution made simple

An application for small to midsize businesses that simplifies the process of annual strategic planning and execution of this plan. It helps to ensure that every single employee is aware of the company's goals and motivated to help achieving them.

2 years and 5 months


The issue with most of the modern business planning tools is that they don't allow you to see the bigger picture of the plan. Employees might not be aware of how they work contributes to company's goals.

Omnistrat Challenge
Omnistrat Solution


Omnistrat makes it easier for companies to develop a strategic plan and act collaboratively to achieve all set objectives. This application allows to discuss all aspects of the plan, coordinate efforts, track plan execution and make people feel engaged by showing the big picture and allowing every single company member to contribute to the plan.



ReactPythonDjangoDockerGCPCeleryDjango Rest FrameworkDjango Channels

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