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    Profil Software is growing every year, not only thanks to the projects that we’re taking on but also in numbers. Because of our rapid growth, we decided that it was time for a new, bigger and more comfortable office. We found a place close to the city center and set ourselves on the journey of creating the workplace of our dreams.

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    The office is modern and well-lit and it’s only a few minutes away from bus stops and a train station. It meets all of our needs. How? Apart from the working spaces designed just the way we wanted them to be, the office also offers:

    • A chill room
    • A fun room
    • A bicycle room
    • A Gym
    • A balcony and one spacious conference room right next to it
    • A nicely furnished, roomy kitchen and two small conference rooms

    All of these rooms were designed with the best interest and well-being of our employees in mind. We wanted our office to be more than just a workplace. In this day and age, people often choose to work from home if they’re given a choice and at Profil Software we work both from home and from the office (in a hybrid model). This is why we wished for our employees to feel just as comfortable at the office as they do at home, to be fond of the new space. We wanted to create a company culture that promotes workplace wellness and good, friendly relations between coworkers at work. We understand that to be productive and motivated, you need to have an opportunity to take a break, relax for at least a few minutes and occupy yourself with something else, to clear your head of all work-related stuff and unwind, before getting back to your tasks with a newfound motivation and energy.

    1. A chill room

    To achieve that we’ve asked our employees what they would love to see in the new office, and that’s how our ideas for the space were bornA chill room is a room that we’ve created out of our concern for our employees’ mental health. Working with Meditation in the Workplace showed us how we can improve our employee’s well-being, to make them feel less stressed, happier, and more motivated or productive. We’ve designed the space for meditation, both alone and in groups, to which they can retire for five, ten, or fifteen minutes, to lay down on very comfortable chairs, relieve their stress and calm their minds.

    chill room 1

    This space was used for the first time during Martin Hassall’s visit in April. He held a series of meditations for us and spoke about the benefits of meditation at work and different breathing techniques. If you want to know more about all of the ways meditation can help you with anxiety and stress, sleep, productivity at work and outside of work or even creativity, you can find out all about from our articles on Guided Sleep Meditation, Creativity, Anxiety or Productivity.

    chill room 2
    chill room 4

    2. A fun room

    A fun room with a Billiard table, PlayStation, Chess, and an old-school arcade machine. We’ve designed this space with our monthly integrations in mind, knowing that it will bring a lot of happiness to our employees both at work and after work. This is a space in which they can spend their time not only during working hours but after as well to have some fun with their work friends.

    fun room 1

    At Profil Software we care about the atmosphere and the relations between our co-workers. We’d like for them to feel good in each other’s company, and to create a workplace environment and culture that everyone will want to participate in.

    fun room 2

    3. A bicycle room

    At Profil Software we promote mental health, care about good work relationships between our co-workers, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This is why we’ve made sure that our co-workers have a space in which they can safely leave their bicycles and a dressing room connected to showers, where they can refresh themselves after making their way to work on their bikes. We know that this is something that our co-workers are also glad about since they were the ones that proposed a gym at the office. When we asked them what else would they like to see at the new office, they surprised us by saying a gym would be nice. Of course, we decided to make their wish come true.

    siêownia 1

    4. A Gym

    We’ve worked on what to have in the gym for a long time, researching our options and wondering what machines would fulfill the needs of our employees best. We already had a Ping-Pong table and a foosball table in there, but that changed last month. Now our gym is fully equipped with a Multifunctional Power Rack, Barbell Bench, Barbells, jumping ropes, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, etc.

    siêownia 3
    siêownia 2
    siêownia 5

    5. A balcony and one spacious conference room right next to it

    Our office has one more space that can contribute to our employees feeling happier — it’s a spacious balcony, which can serve as a dining space during warmer, sunny days. Sometimes, after a few hours of sitting in a room or generally spending time inside, we long to take a breath of fresh air. The balcony with its sun loungers is a perfect place for that. It offers a great view of the city on one side and of the forest on the other side, and is decorated with plants, and pebbles which makes the whole experience even better. Right next to the balcony we’ve got a big, bright conference room.

    konferencyjna 1 góra
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    6. A nicely furnished, roomy kitchen and two small conference rooms

    After all of these exciting rooms, the kitchen space might seem a little boring. However, those who were with us in the old office know that it is just as important as the rest of these rooms. Sometimes, when you don’t have a designated space for eating, you may get lazy and decide to stay at your desk for lunch, which is not a healthy thing to do. Having a spot in which you can eat with your co-workers and spend time away from your desk during lunch is a necessity, so we’re happy to say that our kitchen serves its purpose.


    We believe that all beneficiary aspects of our office will positively impact mental health, the good relations between everyone, and the motivation of our colleagues. Mental health and workplace wellness are two very important spheres of life. We should strive to improve our general existence as well as our work life in any way we can, and we, at Profil Software, are proud to say that we can easily achieve that with our new office.

    konferencyjna 02

    Now we have a perfect space for our monthly workshops, in which our co-workers share their knowledge with us, and when we’re on a break, we can admire the view from our lovely terrace, play billiards to unwind, or meditate in the chill room.

    chill room 3

    We also have booths, which give us a little more privacy for making business calls or having our daily meetings. As a Python Development Services Provider with years of expertise and many talented software developers on board we are always willing to share our knowledge with SaaS Startup Founders who are looking to develop their application. We're experienced in enterprise software development, we offer telemedicine software development services, and many more.

    korytarz budka
    konferencyjna 01

    The new office made our life at work more comfortable, brought a lot of joy to our employees, and gave us a very needed space to grow both in terms of our business and numbers. We’re constantly hiring new people for our various projects and on various levels — juniors, mid, seniors — and just last month we recruited 12 people for Senior, Mid, Junior Positions and Interns as Developers and UX/UI Designers. We have an extensive knowledge on how to conduct recruitment processes to hire software developers - you can learn more about it from our article: 11 tips for hiring software developers at a startup

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