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Did you figure out what you want to create but have no idea how to approach your idea from the design point of view? Discovery Workshops are dedicated to people like you, who already came up with an idea for a business but don’t know where to start or how to overcome software development challenges.

What are Discovery UX Workshops?

Discovery workshops are an 8-hour process divided into 4 meetings during which we validate and refine the idea for your product from the user, technology, and business perspectives.

The process consists of workshop sessions with your team, as well as our internal work, to ensure the product is ready for development.

Discovery UX Workshops are mainly used to:

  • Gather essential information about the project
  • Understand business requirements
  • Build agreement across project supporters
  • Visualize your idea and save valuable resources
  • Clarification of your new idea
  • Defined goals, constraints, problems
  • Reliable cost estimation
  • Big picture of the product and the market
  • UX Roadmap
  • Information Architecture of your MVP
  • Professionally prepared and deeply thought through Discovery Phase summary document

Benefits of Discovery UX Workshops


Meet your own software development team

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Our 4 step Discovery UX Workshops process

  • Define our challenge and frame the right problem to solve
  • Business goal
  • Project scope
  • The constraints
  • List of MVP features
  • Information architecture review.
  • Big picture understanding.
  • Questionnairde
  • Which design process we are following
  • Cooperation with developers
  • User Tests
  • Tools / Libraries
  • Priorities
  • User Flow discussion
  • UX Roadmap review
  • Presentation of the final document

Take a look at how our future collaboration will look like

Each meeting usually take 2 hours

Put your goals, questions and processes together
Meeting 1

Discussing your intentions and objectives will help us determine the main problem that needs to be solved. We'll identify goals of the product and the obstacles that may come in the way.After this first meeting, our Design Team will prepare Information Architecture - the skeleton of the future application.

What is Information Architecture (IA)

It is an important aspect of UX UI Design Services that focuses on the creation of a structure, features, and hierarchy for the website, application or other product. It aids users in navigating through the Web or Mobile app, or other product, from their position, as well as finding and processing the information they need to understand where they are as users.

Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what they’re looking for, in the real world as well as online.

Competition Analysis

The process of identifying competitors in your industry


The Core
Meeting 2

In the 2nd meeting, the Design Team will present the first iteration of the Information Architecture wireframe. This will make it easier to put the whole product into perspective and see it as a whole.After the second meeting, our Design Team will prepare Basic User Flows, on which one can display the main interactions within the application.

The Questionnaire

During the meeting, our team will present you with a questionnaire made of a dozen questions about the business and the most important features of the product.

This information will be crucial for a better understanding of the application.


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Design Process Roadmap Discussion
Meeting 3

In the 3rd meeting, we will decide on which Design Process is the best to follow in your case. We will create a workflow for our developers, decide on what kind of user testing we will carry out, and whether we want to use external libraries.

Design Processes

There are several Design Processes to choose from. The most popular are:

  • Design Thinking
  • Double Diamond
  • Lean UX

the most important thing that you should have in mind when choosing the Design Processes is the goal of making a usable, helpful and profitable product of your dreams that will reduce customer churn even long after launching the product.

Final UX Review
Meeting 4

At the last meeting of the Discovery Workshops we will present to you a document summarizing our all previous findings.Presentation of the final document includes:
  • App description
  • User needs and Business goals
  • Problems and solutions
  • User roles
  • Information Architecture
  • Basic user flow
  • UX Roadmap

The final document you’ll get will include:

ux-workshop-icons-9Basic User Flow
ux-workshop-icons-8App Description
ux-workshop-icons-6User needs
ux-workshop-icons-5User roles
ux-workshop-icons-4UX Roadmap
ux-workshop-icons-3Business goals
ux-workshop-icons-2Information Architecture
ux-workshop-icons-1Problem and solutions

Fragment of User Flow

Summary & Costs

At Profil Software, we believe that your idea for a product can be justified efficiently and quicky.
Meeting 1

Gathering goals and processes

  • First discussion about the product
  • Defining the problems
  • Setting goals for the product
  • Identifying business constraints
Meeting 2

The Core

  • Presentation of Information Architecture graph
  • Features analysis and discussion
Meeting 3

Design Process Roadmap Discussion

  • Presentation of basic User Flows of the main features
  • Choosing the Design Process that will be used during the development
  • Desginers - Developers workflow
  • Choosing the types of user testing
Meeting 4

Final UX Review

  • Presentation of the final document
  • App description
  • User needs and Business goals
  • Problems and solutions
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Roadmap
Total price for our UX Discovery workshops
$2 500
8 hours of productive meetings + lots of Designer’s work behind the curtains
Verification and a simple start to to turning your idea into a product

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do you conduct a UX workshop?

    Before the discovery workshop, you should determine what questions need to be answered during the workshop, and what its goal is. It's good to prepare an outline and presentation material to share your vision with the team.

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    How do you conduct a competitor analysis UX?

    A UX competitor analysis includes checking 2 or 3 big competitors' applications and their features. Reading reviews to gather whether solutions used by the competitors were well-received by users, looking for mistakes and things that could be improved. Based on that UX team decides on what original feature would be good to have in the app to find a place for it in the market and appease the user.

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    Why do you need Discovery Workshop?

    Identifying and visualizing the objectives, requirements and possible or expected outcomes of the project will save you money and time. Thanks to the Discovery workshop one can set up workflows, and make sure every member of the team understands the focal point of the product, which makes it easier to start working on it.

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    How long should UX discovery take?

    The discovery phase conducted by our team of UX experts takes from 7 to 14 days depending on the project. In general, the discovery phase could last from a couple of days to weeks, depending on how complex the project is.

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