Organizer is an Enterprise IT Management Software that connects employers with employees.

Enables employers to organize Internal Affairs of the company, to keep track of vacations, social, bonuses, and other matters important for the proper company management. The main goal of the project was to automatize and simplify information flow between employees and the HR department, as well as collect data about social matters. It also supports payroll settlement with the possibility of including access cards to sports facilities, medical care and catering.

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A calendar feature is a digital tool that helps users manage their time and schedule by displaying dates, days, and events in a structured format. It allows users to easily create, edit, and organize appointments, meetings, and tasks, providing a convenient way to stay organized and track important activities.

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Thanks and bonuses

A thanks and bonuses feature is a component of an employee recognition program that allows employers to express gratitude and reward exceptional performance by providing monetary bonuses or other forms of recognition, fostering motivation and employee satisfaction. It serves as a means to acknowledge and incentivize employees, promoting a positive work environment and encouraging continued dedication and excellence.

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Vacation Days refer to designated time-off periods granted to employees, allowing them to take a break from work and engage in personal or leisure activities. These days are typically accrued based on employment tenure or negotiated terms, providing employees with an opportunity to rest, recharge, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Collecting information about internal matters of the employees can be problematic and tedious, especially with numerous people in the company. All of the crucial information about the company’s internal affairs, such as vacations, social, bonuses, and other matters important for the proper company management should be available and accessible at all times. Additionally, employers may not have enough time to share the information systematically.



Profil Software’s team introduced a new design that shows the most important widgets up front and makes them available at all times. In a new design a statement of profits and costs is illustrated with charts and divided into periods, leave and remote work management is integrated with google calendar and there is a time tracking module along with generating reportsIt’s an intuitive and user-friendly design that makes it easy to add and access information quickly. It automates and organizes the information, which makes it less time-consuming for employers.


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