Take3Breaths is a mobile application that guides the user through meditation processes and sessions, as well as breathing exercises.

It’s the only app that focuses on Meditation in the Workplace and its benefits for the employees and the company. Using Take3Breaths can not only improve the mental and physical health of its users, decrease stress and improve sleeping habits, but also increase productivity and creativity, which can lead to the improved company efficiency, as well as wellbeing, happiness and job satisfaction of employees. The app offers free guided sleep meditation, meditation for creativity and anxiety, breathing exercises and many more.

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Most people think that they don’t have the ability to meditate and stay focused for longer than a minute. Additionally, they live really fast-paced lives and don’t have a lot of time and space for relaxing — especially at work or school. All this rush and all the stress related to it can often be the cause of insomnia, “shallow” sleep, or other sleep disorders. Another problem that a lot of people face is the lack of creativity, which is a big issue for those who work in the creative industry.



Meditation is a remedy and relief that helps with maintaining good mental and physical health. It’s perfect for calming the mind and body before bedtime. It can be an excellent opportunity to change unhealthy habits and implement new rituals in one’s life. Take3Breaths offers, among other things, meditations that stimulate more than one sense and help the brain work more effectively. There are meditations on the app that are also great for increasing creativity. And for people who don’t have that much time to meditate, short meditations last up to 15-20 minutes.


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