Shareholder Management Software

Business benefits


Managing a joint-stock company means hundreds of actions that are crucial and have strict deadlines. Paperwork can be automated with the right document management software, but many things are still left to be done manually. Not to mention the mental burden of keeping track of deadlines, report generation, and equity ownership.

A shareholder management system is the software created to address those issues. It provides automation in the areas where it’s most needed and welcomed. However, its core value is keeping all the information about the company in one place - in an app available from anywhere with an internet connection.

Such an application offers an easy way to track data about all the shareholders and their equity value. Managing the shareholders' registry couldn’t be more intuitive as new shareholders and issues can be added with just a few clicks.


The system for managing joint-stock companies not only provides insights but can also help with necessary paperwork. Since all the information is up to date and stored in one place, it can be quickly processed into a report for tax authorities or any other interested party.

The document management module can also improve productivity. Adopting e-signatures along with tools for collaborative work and discussions fosters effective management. Implementing different access levels allows giving stakeholders the exact kind of information they need without compromising security.

If you are looking to make a shareholder management system your SaaS product, we can integrate it with Stripe for frictionless payments.

Our Shareholder Management Software Case Studies



With Adminflow you can easily manage your company, keep the shareholder register up to date, communicate with the owners and the board, and give the board the tools they need to work efficiently.
Adminflow offers signing of documents, automatic updating in Altinn, and simple document management with rights management.

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