Crowdfunding Software

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40 billion dollars - that’s what crowdfunding's market value is going to be by 2026. The popularity of crowdfunding platforms as a means of financing startups doesn’t seem to end.

There are over 1000 platforms around the world, but there is a demand for more. Crowdfunding has become a valid pre-seed and seed option. There is a constant flow of cash between aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals supporting them. Developing a crowdfunding platform lets you have a share of that cake.

Our experience with building crowdfunding apps can help you develop your own platform in months.


Need more technical details on how we do it?

Our engineers know how to securely process payments and collect fees on a crowdfunding platform. We are familiar with legal requirements concerning such endeavors. We know nearly everything about integrating platforms with external payment service providers. We can automate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and help eliminate problems with paperwork by implementing secure electronic signatures.

Our experience guarantees a smooth and frictionless development process. You can trust us with your crowdfunding platform development.

Our Crowdfunding Software Case Studies


Crowdfunding Software

Dealflow connects investors with entrepreneurs - to create tomorrow's jobs.
The goal of Dealflow is to be the country's most effective link box between companies that need funding and people who want to become co-owners of exciting growing businesses. As we are fully digital and self-service, we can offer effective solutions at a low cost.

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