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In recent years, the term “proptech” (a current buzzword in Commercial Real Estate CRE) has become a popular slogan for CRE. Similar to fintech (finance + technology), which refers to financial technologies, the market is pushing CRE companies towards cooperation with technology companies

Is “proptech” just a new name for real estate software or is it the next step in the technological evolution that is taking place?

The progress in the Real Estate industry has now taken a specific direction of change.

Technological and mental change is required from the real estate sector in order to remedy the inconvenience of consumers who need more and more automation and most of all quick access to very deep data that can be provided by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The change is required by investors as well as the end customer in order to meet the needs of sustainable investing.

According to Forbes, when the economy fluctuates, investors always turn to the real-estate market because of it’s resilience and stability. It is still a healthy market that is prospering well - people will always need homes, and businesses will need commercial spaces.

Right now, remote work has become more popular and people have realised that they can work and jump into meetings whether they are many or just a few kilometres away from the office, so they started looking for better accommodation that was designed for their needs. Not to mention that in general, people are constantly buying and selling real estate.


The real estate industry covers many aspects, starting from property management, development, and sales & marketing and ending at real estate landing. And whether you are a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, we are capable of providing you with the newest, most modern, custom real estate software development to help you with your daily work. Providing the best technology for real estate agents is an answer to the growing demand on the real-estate market, as it will help your business expand and get you new clients.

We make software for property developers, and we specialize in making real estate websites and mobile applications that include 3D virtual tours. We can also develop real estate technology services that will use Artificial Intelligence; our algorithms will help you find your dream property on the basis of specific search characteristics.

Thanks to real estate software portals, businesses may be able to maximize their returns on property investments, reduce the time necessary to manage real estate assets, increase the visibility of real property on the market, and improve real estate customer relationships. It’s possible due to the evolution of property technology (proptech) which is having an increasingly stronger influence on the global software development industry.

As a technology company, we are open to cooperation with companies from the Real Estate market that want to invest in the creation of another Proptech Unicorn.

Our Real Estate Software Case Studies

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WeVisit360 is an application that simplifies communication between real estate agents and clients. It allows clients to experience visiting property online with just a few clicks and help agents to organize their time.

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