Wealthtech Software Development

Business benefits
Financial Aggregation
Easy integration with 3rd party systems
Automated Investment Advisory
Investment Portfolio Management
Goal based financial planning
Market risk management and analysis


A wealth management software helps banks and financial advisors all around the world in tailoring a perfect investment recommendation for their clients. This software saves banking advisors from hours of calculations and deep analyzis of both their clients data and investment options, risks and possible returns by doing it for them. Wealth management software provides banks with detailed information on different investment possibilities based not only on real data analysis but also on their clients' goals and business needs. It generates proposals and automates forwarding and signing documentation, which makes the whole investment process quicker and both cost-effective and time-saving. To sum up, wealth management software helps financial advisors guide clients through their investment journey.


We develop wealthtech software that identifies the specific pain points and needs of our target users. Our wealthtech software is designed in a user-friendly and intuitive manner to make the process of delivering investment proposals even more time-efficient and easy for our clients.

Our Wealthtech Software Case Studies

Deep Alpha Advisor Solution

Wealthtech Software Development

Deep Alpha Advisor Solution is a wealth management software designed to assist financial advisors in conducting efficient advisory sessions. The app aims to help Norwegian bank advisors provide financial planning, investment management, and recommendations that are tailored to their client's needs. Deep Alpha supports advisory services offered by banks by providing them with detailed information about investment options, risks, and investment returns that their clients might expect from their investments. The app is user-friendly and helps financial advisors guide clients through their investment journey.

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