Energy Management Software Development

Business benefits


Renewable energy sources have become a crucial element of fighting global warming, air pollution and gas emissions. One big benefit of using renewable energy sources is the fact that they are inexhaustible and reliable, and automating their maintenance and performance with software makes them even more cost-effective.

Energy Management Software aids companies in producing energy from solar plants, wind and hydro plants, and more. It governs the plants, monitors their performance, reports issues and assigns technicians to the tasks, making the process of maintaining the plants more efficient. Using renewable energy software offers improvements in energy harvesting due to its tracking and automatic reporting systems. Gathering all data in one place and automating the process of contacting technicians, as well as the possibility of going through reports and data at any given time, save the cost, time and resources dedicated to the correct performance of the renewable power plants.


We develop energy management software that monitors and analyses the performance of the renewable energy sources and power plants. Throughout our development processes we prioritise reaching individual goals of our clients and designing custom software that will answer to market and user needs. To make our software resilient, intuitive, user-friendly and reliable we make sure to follow UX design thinking approach and to perform a thorough Quality Assurance and Testing.

Our Energy Managament Software Case Studies



A system that uses technology to monitor and maintain the performance of solar power plants. The platform tracks the output of each solar panel and identifies the issues, such as scaling or shading, that might be affecting the performance. The performance of the solar power plant is measured by how much energy it produces versus how much it could produce.

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