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Why choose JavaScript and it's libraries for frontend development?

JavaScript is THE web language of web languages and the most popular programming language of all. Anytime your website dynamically reacts to your actions, your form is validated instantly or you see complicated animations – it means JavaScript is in motion. It allows us to create sophisticated applications that are available to anyone and at anytime via web browser. It is, however, not only limited to web pages - JavaScript is also used server-side with Node.js and for mobile apps (i.e. React Native).

Why pick our front-end development agency for building digital software products?

Frontend developers at Profil Software are JavaScript professionals. We are highly trained in using all popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js with both pure JavaScript and its supersets (like TypeScript). Because of our wide range of available technologies we are always able to select best suited framework tailored to clients' needs and quickly deliver a robust product.

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    What is JavaScript used for?

    JavaScript is mainly used for web development. It is interpreted by the web browser and allows programmer to control client-side page behavior. Initially it was designed to be used only in the browsers, but since then JavaScript has been implemented on server-side as Node.js and can also be used to develop mobile applications with technologies like React Native or Native Script.
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    Why is JavaScript so popular?

    JavaScript is the only programming language that can be run in the web browsers, so it is de facto a programming language of the web. As web application popularity is growing, so is the popularity of JavaScript language.
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    What are the advantages of JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a high level programming language that is easy to learn and use efficiently. It is fast for an interpreted language. Because of its popularity there are many libraries and frameworks that can be used to make development easier and faster.
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ReactJS development company

React is by far the most popular tool for creating reactive frontend UI in Single Page Applications. Created for Facebook, it is now widely adopted by giants like Netflix or PayPal. It is small, flexible and fast. It allows creating reusable components that make developing applications easier and faster. With React Native you can also use React to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS.


Angular development company

Second, vastly improved iteration of Google’s web application framework. Written in TypeScript Angular allows creating big projects with well-defined and organized structure that are easily managed and maintained. Ideally suited for bigger teams and projects but can also be used for smaller applications. At Profil Software we use Angular since its first early versions (both AngularJS and Angular) and we have great experience using it. It is obviously widely used by Google in products like Gmail but it was also used by Microsoft to create web version of Microsoft Office.


VueJS development

Vue is an open-source frontend JavaScript framework developed by an ex-Google developer Evan You. Its design is derived from Angular but reworked so that a lighter and “less opinionated” framework is created. Its ease of use and extendibility makes it well suited for smaller projects that aspire to scale bigger in the future.

It is used in applications like Alibaba and EuroNews.

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