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Why use AI/Machine Learning for your business?

Machine Learning provides smart alternatives for analyzing vast volumes of data. From anomalies detection, through demands prediction, to complex object classification, Machine Learning uses statistics to automate and optimize daily routines.

Why pick Profil Software company for AI development?

We have ML and DataScience specialists with experience in deploying custom solutions for small and large-scale projects. Our solutions are always optimized for your specific use-case.

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What exact technologies should you use for your project?

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Where can Machine Learning solutions be used?

Machine Learning solutions can be used by businesses in various industries to improve functions, automation and performance of their companies and products. Machine Learning can help speed up work, reduce errors and improve accuracy through process automation, predictive analytics and error detection. As of today machine learning aids medical professionals, investment firms, banks and other financial institutions, digital commerce industries, agriculture and energy industries, and other important sectors.

Are machine learning services right for your business?

Yes, Machine Learning is not only right but also highly beneficial for every organization. As we already explained, it can improve your staff productivity, the quality of work and increase the overall performance of your company. If you want to know more about Machine Learning Solutions that we can help implement in your technology company, let us know. We'll clear any doubts you might have.

How can I be sure you’ll understand my project and what it needs?

It's essential to understand the idea for the product and know what and why certain features and solutions must be made. That's why we always recommend starting the process of development with Product Discovery Workshops that help us gather important information, set goals, and create a deeper understanding of the product within the team. You can read more about it in the Product Discovery Workshops section of our site.

Get ahead of competition with AI technology

Artificial intelligence can help your business in many ways, starting from processing and analyzing data more quickly, and enabling rapid decision making, identifying errors in a company's security systems, analyzing user behavior and driving more sales by enhancing customer satisfaction as well as saving costs and making work more efficient thanks to a quick analyzing of large amounts of data.

Our Ai development services include solutions that are tailored to your needs and chosen to best suit the specific requirements of your project. As an artificial intelligence development company we work on ai solutions that include data engineering, data science, computer vision, predictive analytics, natural language processing, image recognition and audio recognition.

We offer you a proven process and a first-class team of ai developers and data scientists skilled in deploying machine learning models, ai systems, software solutions, and AI algorithms. Make sure that you're getting the best ai software development experience and choose our customer focused services.

We provided machine learning services in various industries, including the healthcare industry, energy industry, real estate industry, speech recognition software and more. We are constantly developing new digital technologies using ai tools and ai models, and testing new solutions to bring the best results to the companies we co-operate with. Your business outcomes and the success of your product are very important to us which is why we always strive to adjust our processes so that our clients get results faster and in the most flexible way possible.

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A modern, fast and vast ecosystem for developing robust ML algorithms. With TFX pipelines we can automate the whole ML deployment process for production environments. Our Tensorflow developers are certified.



An API for Deep Learning development. Our code for Deep Neural Networks is understandable and extendable for any ML Engineer.



ML algorithms library. We use and extend well tested and most efficient ML algorithms.



ML explainers. We can explain and visualize how our ML models work even to non-technical users.

How it works?

First Contact
This is the one small step at the beginning that you need to take. We promise that we will guide you through the rest of the steps. By providing a few answers on our easy estimate project form.
Discovery call
We would like to know more about your needs and expectations, the issues you would like to solve, what value you would like to bring to the market, who is your competition. It's also a good time to learn more about your experiences and internal resources to get to know your expectations of timeline goals. Now is also a good time to take advantage of the software development consultancy.
Team Fit
It's the art of selecting the right team of people with various skills and experiences. Our priority is to select people who complement each other and will work well together during the project implementation. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your project we are able to pick similarly experienced developers & designers who have previously participated in projects closest to your area of expertise.
Work on the project
Product development planning and a kick-off meeting give both sides time to talk about how the development process will look like and set communication standards. We can get to know each other better and our roles in the project. This is where our professional adventure starts.

Projects in Machine Learning

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Jog.ai provides recordings and accurate transcriptions of phone and conference calls. The overall goal is to allow people to have meaningful conversations and not have their attention drawn away from the call by the need to take notes.

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    Why use Machine Learning?

    Machine learning models learn, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal intervention from humans. Ideally, they increase accuracy,efficiency and remove (or greatly reduce) the possibility of human error.

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    How AI can help your business?

    Using AI helps to develop a differentiated and unique value proposition for your customers. Using Artificial Intelligence in business will: enhance products, optimize internal operations, free up workers by automating tasks, make better decisions, create new products etc.

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    What business functions are ready to use Artificial Intelligence?

    AI is practical and widely used in industries like Fintech Software, Enterprise Software, Voice Tech Software, Route Planning and Optimization Software, Logistics Software, Document Management Software, Healthcare Software and more.