React Native App Development


React Native App Development

Why use React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is a technology created by Facebook that allows creating mobile applications for both Android and iOS (cross platform). With React Native, developers are able to deliver applications for both major mobile platforms with only one codebase written in the most popular programming language in the world - JavaScript.

By choosing RN you are saving money that would otherwise be spent on hiring Android and iOS developers for writing and maintaining code on native applications. React Native was used to create many big applications like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, UberEats, Bloomberg, Discord and many, many more.

Why pick React Native developers for building iOS and Android apps?

Since at Profil Software we focus on web technologies, JavaScript - language of React Native - is our strong point. We have many JavaScript developers who also specialize in React Native and are able to create and maintain user-friendly mobile applications.

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What exact technologies should you use for your project?

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Are you unsure if you should choose React Native or go fully Native?

The first thing we do whenever we start working on a mobile app or web app development is to ask ourselves which tech stack will be the best for the project. When you come to us with your project, we will make sure to determine which features of your mobile app can be done using React Native and which should be fully native. We have all the resources needed to help you with choosing your approach based on your specific case.

Why hire Profil Software as your React Native App Development Company?

We specialize in React Native App Development. We have over 10 years of experience in developing React Native Applications and we provide a whole range of web and mobile app development services to many companies in numerous industries. Our company believes in constant self-growth which is why we give our employees various possibilities of developing new skills and learning technologies, which results in a continuous improvement of our skillsets and processes.

What makes us stand out from other companies?

We truly invest ourselves in the process of developing your product and make sure to accommodate all your needs. Our passion for python development and creating a successful product makes us different. We're focused on delivering software that succeeds in the market, we show initiative and ensure that the collaboration is satisfying for both sides.

We can also be characterized by awareness and understanding of your project from the market side, we want to create it in such a way that it is understandable for potential customers, we have a great background when it comes to SEO and marketing, so you can always count on our support in this area.

Reach your business goals with a React Native App Development Company

As the best React Native Development Company with extensive experience in web and mobile development, we help businesses grow thanks to smart technology solutions, right tools and methodologies and an individual approach to their projects. In our experience React Native Apps developed with the right tools, technologies and methodologies deliver better results thanks to shorter development time and reduced costs of building a mobile app.

We know how to ensure that your react native mobile app is perfectly aligned with your user's needs and company's goals, as well as business objectives. With our experienced react native app developers you'll develop successful web and mobile apps that make your company stand out.

Our react native team will write and deploy the code to multiple platforms, including Android and ios platforms, which will enable your app to reach all of your potential customers at the same time.

Thanks to our talented skilled and passion-driven engineers we delivered over 150 prosperous projects and throughout it all we made sure that our developers kept expanding their skillset and knowledge. Many Startups already trusted our expertise and chose our React Native and web app development services to drive results to their projects. If you'd like to know more about our projects, we showcase them in our Case Studies, which you can also access on this site.

We’re happy to say that next to React Native App Development services we offer Frontend and Backend Development, UX/UI Design Services, and Testing Services. We hire expert React Native Developers, Python developers, Frontend Developers, AI experts, UX/UI Designers, DevOps Developers, Testers, and other talented specialists. Visit our other pages to learn more about our other services and our brilliant, skillful team.

Thanks to years of experience in developing complex digital products, our dedicated software development teams can release you from the technological aspects of your project so that you have more time to deal with the business side.

Choosing us will help you avoid issues that you’ll be met with at other agencies. Issues that extend the time and increase the cost of building web and mobile applications. We can build your product in a shorter time and scale your team for you whenever you need to save money.

Win by choosing us and our simple yet exceptional approach.

We are different. The choice is yours.

How it works?

First Contact
This is the one small step at the beginning that you need to take. We promise that we will guide you through the rest of the steps. By providing a few answers on our easy estimate project form.
Discovery call
We would like to know more about your needs and expectations, the issues you would like to solve, what value you would like to bring to the market, who is your competition. It's also a good time to learn more about your experiences and internal resources to get to know your expectations of timeline goals. Now is also a good time to take advantage of the software development consultancy.
Team Fit
It's the art of selecting the right team of people with various skills and experiences. Our priority is to select people who complement each other and will work well together during the project implementation. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your project we are able to pick similarly experienced developers & designers who have previously participated in projects closest to your area of expertise.
Work on the project
Product development planning and a kick-off meeting give both sides time to talk about how the development process will look like and set communication standards. We can get to know each other better and our roles in the project. This is where our professional adventure starts.

Projects in React Native

Tarot Routing

Route Planning and Optimization Software

Tarot Routing uses state-of-the-art algorithms to plan more efficient last-mile driving routes faster than humans can. Customers reduce their driving time by 30%, and of course reduce their CO₂ emissions, petrol consumption, driver salaries and maintenance costs.

case study
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    What is React Native?

    React Native was created by the Facebook team in 2015 along with React.js, which is used to develop web applications. It is a framework used to produce cross-platform applications. JavaScript is the language on which React Native is based.

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    How does React Native work?

    React Native runs on bridges that translate code written in JavaScript into native languages ( Android - Kotlin, iOS - Swift ). This technology enables to generate a project skeleton with basic native files for both platforms and base javascript files ready for further application development.

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    What are the benefits of using React Native?

    The main motive that directed Mark Zuckerberg's team to develop this technology was to reduce costs and time. The fact that a single team of developers based on a single framework is enough to manage a given application in both web and mobile versions is huge benefit for company.