React Native App Development


React Native App Development

Why use React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is a technology created by Facebook that allows creating mobile applications for both Android and iOS (cross platform). With React Native, developers are able to deliver applications for both major mobile platforms with only one codebase written in the most popular programming language in the world - JavaScript.

By choosing RN you are saving money that would otherwise be spent on hiring Android and iOS developers for writing and maintaining code on native applications. React Native was used to create many big applications like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, UberEats, Bloomberg, Discord and many, many more.

Why pick React Native developers for building iOS and Android apps?

Since at Profil Software we focus on web technologies, JavaScript - language of React Native - is our strong point. We have many JavaScript developers who also specialize in React Native and are able to create and maintain user-friendly mobile applications.

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    What is React Native?

    React Native was created by the Facebook team in 2015 along with React.js, which is used to develop web applications. It is a framework used to produce cross-platform applications. JavaScript is the language on which React Native is based.
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    How does React Native work?

    React Native runs on bridges that translate code written in JavaScript into native languages ( Android - Kotlin, iOS - Swift ). This technology enables to generate a project skeleton with basic native files for both platforms and base javascript files ready for further application development.
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    What are the benefits of using React Native?

    The main motive that directed Mark Zuckerberg's team to develop this technology was to reduce costs and time. The fact that a single team of developers based on a single framework is enough to manage a given application in both web and mobile versions is huge benefit for company.
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