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Why should I care about QA process and software testing in my project?

A software tester can be treated as the first user of the software.

Detection of faults and defects in the early stage of system development will save both time and production costs. Repairing faults in the early stage of implementation is significantly cheaper than in the advanced stage, when the application areas are more interrelated and have more impact.

Application testing provides information about system elements that we should pay more attention to and perform additional tests. Their execution helps to signal possible delays in the project and thus save us unexpected complications.

Why choose software testing company like Profil Software?

All our testers have strong foundations confirmed by the ISTQB certificate. To make our job more effective, the whole team works very closely. We know how important testing is at every stage of software development, so we cannot imagine a project without a tester with high analytical skills.

Thanks to good cooperation, we can be sure that the product is delivered on time.

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    Why is testing important in software development?

    Software testing is a key part of software development because it improves consistency and performance. Testing an application and its documentation can help reduce the risk of failure. Testing may also be necessary to meet contractual, regulatory, or industry standards.
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    What are the benefits of automation testing?

    Automation is a very good way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and test coverage. It saves time and improves accuracy, as repetitive manual tasks are prone to human error and can be time-consuming
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    Why manual testing is important?

    Manual testing works better for usability, exploratory, and ad-hoc testing that happens without ready scenarios. Scripts cannot completely replace the human mind, which is why manual testers prepare more valuable evaluation reports for a given application
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