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Why should I care about QA process and software testing in my project?

A software tester can be treated as the first user of the software.

Detection of faults and defects in the early stage of system development will save both time and production costs. Repairing faults in the early stage of implementation is significantly cheaper than in the advanced stage, when the application areas are more interrelated and have more impact.

Application testing provides information about system elements that we should pay more attention to and perform additional tests. Their execution helps to signal possible delays in the project and thus save us unexpected complications.

Why choose software testing company like Profil Software?

All our testers have strong foundations confirmed by the ISTQB certificate. To make our job more effective, the whole team works very closely. We know how important testing is at every stage of software development, so we cannot imagine a project without a tester with high analytical skills.

Thanks to good cooperation, we can be sure that the product is delivered on time.

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What Do We Offer?

We offer quality assurance services that include automated testing, security testing, performance testing, functional testing, accessibility testing, and usability testing as well as compatibility testing and exploratory testing. We'll take care of mobile app testing and web testing for you and make sure that your product's quality is impeccable. Consider using our software testing services if you'd like to give your users reliable and issues-free software that will fulfill their needs.

Why outsource QA?

Outsourcing QA testing services saves your time, resources and budget. You may focus on other important matters related to running a business and developing a product, and leave
software testing and qa services to more experienced, talented software development company that will make sure that you deliver a high quality software that offers first-class user experience.

How to choose the right company for Quality Assurance Services?

The best software testing is done by companies that have a strong portfolio full of successful projects that are praised for their quality. Profil Software with its extensive portfolio will help you achieve your business goals, maintain high quality of your application, make sure that the app is free of critical bugs and that it's fit for the users. The added bonus of working with us iss that our specialists can support you at each step of your journey to success - through hiring to development and design to testing, and even marketing.

Behind great software stands extensive testing

At Profil Software we understand the importance of thorough testing and the impact it has on the reception of your product. To succeed you need to ensure that the end users get to see the application of the highest standards with flawless design, a user-friendly interface and no issues that could potentially ruin the user experience. The easiest way to ensure that is through the work of QA Testers that act as the first users of your app and check it for any problems and disturbances that might affect its performance, judge whether your app is intuitive and easy to use, and asses its features and how they could be improved.

We can guarantee that if you put your application in the talented expert hands of our QA Testers you'll get the product that ticks all the boxes. The more complex project the biggest significance of testing. Whether it's mobile application testing or web testing, we aim for excellence and we adapt our approach to suit your product well as every project is unique and deserves to be assessed from an individual perspective.

Not only our Testers make sure that your application is impeccable. Our Developers write tests as they work on features and test the code to detect changes that influence other parts of the project, and the whole team supports the work of testers through their investment in the project's value. We believe that the combined efforts of each member of the team to bring first-rate top-quality software to you make for the most successful products.

We're proud to say that our Testing services helped implement numerous projects from various industries, brought success to applications, and ensured the satisfaction of the users.

Thanks to constant self-growth, participation in diverse workshops and conferences, and internal workshops prepared by our employees for their co-workers we are well-versed and adept in new technologies and testing processes. One of our initiatives is organizing workshops in test automation and coding for our manual testers to give them the space to develop new skills and expand their horizons. We strongly believe that promoting self-growth and encouraging employees to constantly seek knowledge creates passion-driven ambitious workplace culture and thus makes our company a great fit for those who are just as passionate about their product as we are about our work.

Start cooperation with us and take advantage of our professionalism and knowledge in QA Software Testing, Frontend Development and js frameworks, Backend Development, DevOps, UI UX Design, Machine Learning, and React Native. Visit our other pages to read more about our other services and learn about our brilliant skillful team.

Choose our company to avoid issues that you’ll be met with at other agencies. Issues that extend the time and increase the cost of building web and mobile applications. We can build your product in a shorter time and scale your team whenever you need to save money.

Win by choosing us and our simple yet exceptional approach.

We are different. The choice is yours.

How it works?

First Contact
This is the one small step at the beginning that you need to take. We promise that we will guide you through the rest of the steps. By providing a few answers on our easy estimate project form.
Discovery call
We would like to know more about your needs and expectations, the issues you would like to solve, what value you would like to bring to the market, who is your competition. It's also a good time to learn more about your experiences and internal resources to get to know your expectations of timeline goals. Now is also a good time to take advantage of the software development consultancy.
Team Fit
It's the art of selecting the right team of people with various skills and experiences. Our priority is to select people who complement each other and will work well together during the project implementation. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your project we are able to pick similarly experienced developers & designers who have previously participated in projects closest to your area of expertise.
Work on the project
Product development planning and a kick-off meeting give both sides time to talk about how the development process will look like and set communication standards. We can get to know each other better and our roles in the project. This is where our professional adventure starts.

Software testing projects

Tarot Routing

Route Planning and Optimization Software

Tarot Routing uses state-of-the-art algorithms to plan more efficient last-mile driving routes faster than humans can. Customers reduce their driving time by 30%, and of course reduce their CO₂ emissions, petrol consumption, driver salaries and maintenance costs.

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    Why is testing important in software development?

    Software testing is a key part of software development because it improves consistency and performance. Testing an application and its documentation can help reduce the risk of failure. Testing may also be necessary to meet contractual, regulatory, or industry standards.

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    What are the benefits of automation testing?

    Automation is a very good way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and test coverage. It saves time and improves accuracy, as repetitive manual tasks are prone to human error and can be time-consuming

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    Why manual testing is important?

    Manual testing works better for usability, exploratory, and ad-hoc testing that happens without ready scenarios. Scripts cannot completely replace the human mind, which is why manual testers prepare more valuable evaluation reports for a given application