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Why do you need software development consultancy services?

Firstly, consultations even before you start will help you save a lot of money and make your investment steadier and reduce any potential risks.

Just imagine that you spent 3-6 months developing a middle-sized web or mobile application with a team of 4 specialists whereas selected technologies used for its creation make it impossible to scale or a chosen technology is abandoned (yes, scenarios like that happen) and to make it reasonable to develop it further you need to invest in rewriting all backend code. We have had situations where clients who decided to cooperate with other companies came to us with such cases.

Rework is costly and decisions made in the initial phase before you hire a team of specialists can help you save in the future. Consultancy increases chances of success and reduces risk of investments.

Business decisions change very often, your expectations of the project will change as technologies and trends change over time, nowadays there are more new opportunities, new technologies, frameworks, programming languages, cloud services are being shown. A tremendous transformation is taking place.

All this background of technological changes means that decisions about the selection of programming technology and infrastructure will increase the value of your investment. The better the decision, the steadier the investment.

Similarly to technologies, user trends are changing, partly dictated by the constant change taking place in technologies, but also due to other factors, certain principles of User Experience are forgotten over time in favor of new trends. These trends also determine the shape of the features of your application. We are always up to date, our UX and User Interface specialists are watching to advise you in accordance with the latest trends.

During the consultation, we will help you choose technologies that ensure the best practices and standards that will determine the value of your investment over time.

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Tech stack recommendation

Do you plan to create a new app but you want to focus on ideas not technologies? This is a very important step because your business will be based on this choice for many years. Tell us about your needs and a software engineer consultant from Profil Software will help you pick the best tech stack to make the application development fast and reliable. A faster development process means less money spent on creating the app.


Devops consulting

You don’t have any DevOps practices introduced in your project? You definitely have to introduce at least some of them. But even if you have some already, it's the part of IT that constantly changes. By staying up to date with the most effective DevOps technologies and best practices, your application can handle higher traffic with lower costs and help your developers create better software in a shorter time. We will make sure that the application grows with your business thanks to the software scalability. Our software engineer consultants can help you implement the best DevOps workflow that will kickstart your project.


Ongoing infrastructure analyze

Do you feel like something is not going as smooth as you expected? Do you have to wait for changes too long, every update introduces a lot of new bugs and the app is just slow? These are the signs that your infrastructure needs changes. We can analyze it for you, you will be surprised how even small changes can increase performance and help organize the development process better. Smoother processes can help you reduce costs of development.



Good UX design creates a positive experience for our user by anticipating—and fulfilling—their needs. All those important user experiences come from well planned and executed design solutions. Businesses that recognize the value of UX design understand the importance of providing memorable experiences to their users and believe in creating long-lasting relationships with them. We're a UI/UX design team that believes business software deserves the user‑friendliness and aesthetics of best‑in‑class consumer apps. We're a experienced specialists that transforms legacy enterprise platforms into delightful, consumer‑grade experiences and design new B2B products that people love using.

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