Solar panel plants automated maintenance platform

A system that uses technology to monitor and maintain the performance of solar power plants. The platform tracks the output of each solar panel and identifies the issues, such as scaling or shading, that might be affecting the performance. The performance of the solar power plant is measured by how much energy it produces versus how much it could produce.

The platform also introduces a tracking and inventory management system, schedules maintenance, and reports the plant's overall performance.

2 years and 5 months


One of the biggest challenges of the project was to introduce a system of monitoring that would gather, store, and forward vast amounts of data simultaneously. We needed to think up a system that would monitor and maintain the performance of solar power plants and thus make the managers’ and technicians’ work easier. Not only did it need to have a system in place for creating tickets and reporting issues to those governing solar plants but also for storing any data and assuring that the issues were handled correctly. We had to create a solution that would work for numerous devices that process immense amounts of data.



We used a popular solution called Serverless cloud. We set up a cloud-native device that allows the processing of large amounts of data according to your needs and authorizes automatic scaling. Our system creates tickets that describe the issues detected by Soop, and ascribes one of the technicians to inspect the problem. It creates reports from interventions on the basis of checklists filled out by the technician and monitors the whole process throughout many interventions in order to detect oversights and errors in governing the solar plants and thus make technicians’ and managers’ jobs more manageable and less demanding. You can access checklists both from a web app and the mobile app, however, the mobile app is the one focused on checklists and tickets and the web app revolves more around the administration.


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