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WeVisit360 is an application that simplifies communication between real estate agents and clients. It allows clients to experience visiting property online with just a few clicks and help agents to organize their time.

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Being in multiple places during the day is often a big deal for real estate agents. The fact that the client can have a false impression of the images seen on some websites doesn’t help at all. Those typically do not show the whole room and it is harder to read the position in the house. Clients should have the ability to see how the property really looks as much as possible and agents should personally be in the property only if there is a need.

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WeVisit360 is a service that provides the ability to see how the apartment looks in a 3D high-resolution virtual tour guided by an agent. The application allows to talk with the agent during the whole experience, interact with the home, and help agents with the management of the property.

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