Deep Alpha


Deep Alpha Advisor Solution is a wealth management software designed to assist financial advisors in conducting efficient advisory sessions.

The app aims to help Norwegian bank advisors provide financial planning, investment management, and recommendations that are tailored to their client's needs. Deep Alpha Advisory Platform supports advisory services offered by banks by providing them with detailed information about investment options, risks, and investment returns that their clients might expect from their investments. The app is user-friendly and helps financial advisors guide clients through their investment journey.


Deep Alpha needed to be highly configurable, allowing each financial advisor to customize the application in accordance with their preferences. To do this the app had to collect and process large amounts of data that would later be thoroughly analyzed to give the perfect investment proposal to the client. The calculations made in the app had to be adaptable and calculated for each individual client with their specific requirements and investment objectives. The app also needed to handle numerous clients and be able to adjust to a variety of configurations introduced by these clients without compromising its performance.



Deep Alpha was developed to provide customised settings for each individual client and to work through large amounts of customised settings without any problem. The system is highly flexible and scalable to operate a variety of configurations without compromising performance or calculations. Advisors can present information gathered through a personalised form as a generated portfolio that shows where the investor can invest, the cost of it, and the associated risk. The app uses Azure DevOps, Python, Flask, MySQL, and SQLAlchemy on the backend and React on the frontend. This allows the app to ensure flexibility and scalability and handle a variety of configurations without compromising its performance.


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