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Short videos became a strong Marketing Tool for many companies and individuals over the last few years. The more content you post the biggest opportunity for it to go viral and bring you tons of new clients. Using Video Automation Software such as VIT for scraping and reposting content on different social media channels can help you widen your posts’ reach. It’s also a comprehensive solution to effortlessly curating, posting and managing posts across various social media platforms and accounts. You can schedule your content both on multiple platforms and multiple channels all within one tool.

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Creating a Growth Hacking video Marketing Tool such as VIT doesn’t come without challenges. One thing is creating an appealing user-friendly design that will be intuitive and offer all of the most crucial features. A tool like that needs easy access to the videos that will save users time when it comes to searching and scrolling through the videos on the platform on which the videos were first published. The design needs to take into account things like easily accessible videos and a quick system of accepting, deleting and downloading videos.The other aspect that might be problematic is creating a tool that will adhere to data privacy regulations of multiple platforms, ensuring that the data usage is ethical.Last but not least is the fact that platforms often impose API restrictions and rate limits, which can affect our possibilities when it comes to adding multiple posts and to do it quickly. Those systems will slow down the whole process and sometimes even put a stop to the whole process.



One way of solving the last problem described above is by implementing intelligent API request management, respecting rate limits, and exploring options for partnering or obtaining special permissions within the platforms.When it comes to data and privacy one has to implement robust data encryption, obtain user consent where required, and stay informed about changes in privacy regulations.We've also ensured a user-friendly design by testing various solutions and choosing the one that was the most optimal and time-efficient. Our Video Marketing Software overcomes every challenged thrown its way.






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