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Musik is a platform for listening to music and creating playlists. It enables its users to create playlists managed by many people. One can have many group playlists and add multiple songs at a time. The only thing you need is a link. The platform lets its users rate the songs and therefore change when they are going to be played. It’s a useful platform for companies who’d like their employees to contribute to the music played at the office. It gives its users the ability to decide which songs to play and which are not loved enough by the community to be played.

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Music streaming app development is at its peak and there are a lot of well-known platforms out there that offer the space for listening to music and creating playlists. This platform had to offer something unique and fresh to its users. Since it was going to be managed by multiple people at the office at once, it had to be resilient, fast and store huge amounts of data for its users to access anytime. It needed to have options for rating songs and algorithms that would push those not liked down the playlist. There are many companies at which people don’t always start work at the same time, but they have core hours during which all of the employees are present. The playlist, therefore, had to offer the possibility of playing the highest rating songs in these core hours. To make the playlist more diverse and avoid listening to the same songs everyday, it had to also have a possibility of shuffling the songs.



We put the necessary algorithm in place to ensure that the songs are shuffled and that the highest rating songs are played in core hours. We added a new feature: randomizer to ensure that the songs are switched each day and that during certain hours the songs are played randomly and not always in the same order. Now during the hours that are not stated as a prime time, the playlist runs through the songs from different groups and plays different ones each day. The user interface is designed in a friendly and accessible manner that allows users to track the changes and votes of other users all the time.






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