A Stock Trading game that will let you become a part of that Wall Street-like atmosphere

Pitbulls is an immersive and educational trading game that allows players to get a feel of that Wall Street-like atmosphere and work on strategic decision-making and risk management. This Stock-Trading educational game was brought to the Web by our software development team and it enables the players to not only play it online but also to play it as an addition to the board game. In this virtual trading simulation, participants take on the roles of savvy traders navigating the dynamic world of finance, aiming to build wealth and outsmart their competitors.

Whether you're a novice looking to learn the ropes or an experienced trader seeking a challenging environment, Pitbulls provides a thrilling and authentic trading game experience.

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1 year and 2 months


When our software development team was given a task of bringing the board game to the Web, they had to answer several questions. We’ve not only come up with the logistics of the online game but also designed a user-friendly visually pleasing interface.One of the biggest challenges was ensuring that the application works fast and manages to present real-time market data feeds to the multiple players at the same time. The application had to store and process big amounts of data very quickly, and to stimulate the complexity of financial markets, there was a need to implement realistic and diverse trading algorithms. The game had to be accessible for players of varying experience levels and both for those who wanted to play it online and as an addition to the board game.



We’ve designed an educational game that’s very easy to navigate and understand. We’ve used databases to store and process large amounts of data fast enough for all the players to have the same information at the same time. We’ve also built bots that enter the game and play with real life players. The mechanics of the game were designed in such a way that anyone can play it and learn from it. There are rooms to which players may join to enter the game with unknown players from all over the world, or they can simply create a room for themselves and their friends. The game allows the players to either play it completely online or to use the cards and betting system of the board game, and only use the online version for seeing the results of their investments.


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