Application for searching the best attorneys in the Tennessee state for court cases, based on real data and results

LitBot is a cutting-edge Online Legal Case Management application developed to guide you through the labyrinth of legal representation. If you’re looking to find the perfect advocate for your unique needs, LitBot can present you with the data from real life cases of legal representatives from Tennessee. With LitBot you can find an accurate list of all the layers working on cases related to the one you need handling, but it’s not the end of it.
LitBot goes beyond being a mere search platform; it evolves into your trusted companion on the road to justice.

Legal Services Software
2 years and 1 month


Creating an Online Legal Case Management Software such as LitBot posed several challenges, each requiring careful consideration and innovative solutions to ensure the app's success. Some of the primary challenges faced during the development process include:Aggregating accurate and up-to-date information about attorneys, including their practice areas, success rates, and client reviews, was a significant challenge for LitBot. Ensuring the data's validity and reliability required extensive research and verification processes to build a trustworthy database.It needed to be able to not only find the cases but to also compare the lawyers and their cases to come up with the best suggestions for the client.



LitBot implemented a rigorous data validation process, leveraging machine learning algorithms to cross-reference and verify attorney information. Regular audits and updates from reliable legal databases ensured the accuracy and timeliness of the data.We ensured that the application showed and processed data on the highest win ratio of the lawyers, their cases and which sides they were on to successfully identify the best options for the users’ case.



Django Rest Framework



ux/ui design

End-to-end development

End to end Development

project management

Project management


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