Your personal assistant for conference and phone calls provides recordings and accurate transcriptions of phone and conference calls. The overall goal is to allow people to have meaningful conversations and not have their attention drawn away from the call by the need of taking notes.

Voice Tech Startup
4 years and 8 months


How to provide accurate transcriptions of what has been said on the call and present it to the user in a very intuitive way. We wanted to make Jog a place where the user goes to recap and analyze past conversations.


Jog is not only a service that records and transcribes your call, but it also makes it easier to mark important moments in real-time manually or add them automatically based on patterns defined by the user. Moreover, Jog is able to analyze your calls and provide you with statistics that might help you become a better conversationalist.


50000 audio recordings

received daily

over 7 TB

of data

over 350k

moments captured



backend development


frontend development

project management

manual testing

End-to-end development

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katarzyna konieczko

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