A healthcare service that connects patients needing consultations with specialists

Appatient is an application that brings benefits both from patients and doctors perspectives. Patients are able to book & pay for a visit with a specialist with just a few clicks while doctors can easily manage their schedule, availability and income - all within one application.

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For many people visiting a doctor is a scary idea and there are a lot of steps that are involved in that process - you need to find a good specialist, the right appointment date, plan the trip to the clinic to name only a few of them. But it shouldn’t be this way. We should be able to use modern technologies to make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

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Appatient is a system that provides a healthcare solution where the patient is in full control. They can choose specialists according to their needs based on multiple criteria and reviews from other patients. They are able to quickly find the convenient appointment date and have a remote video consultation with a doctor.


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